Muscular System

In muscular system there are three different groups
These are three different groups.:
1. SMOOTH MUSCLES - The smooth muscles are muscles that we don't have control of. They include muscles that surround organs including the stomach, lungs, and intestines. Because we cannot control them, they are called "involuntary muscles"

2. SKELETAL MUSCLES - Skeletal muscles are muscles that are directly attached to bones. These muscles are responsible for all of the movement our body can accomplish. When most people think of muscles, they think of skeletal muscles.

3. CARDIAC MUSCLES - Cardiac muscles are only found in one place in your body...your heart. This involuntary set of muscles make up the chambers of your heart. They pump all day and night transporting blood throughout the body.
Muscles are only able to CONTRACT or pull. Because our body has to move in many directions, most muscles are set up in pairs so that one muscle can pull a bone in one direction, and another muscle can pull the bone back the other way.

There are over 600 kinds of muscles that scientists have named. Some muscles are tiny - when we get goosebumps, we are actually seeing a tiny muscle contracting to raise a hair. The longest muscle is satorius muscle in your leg. The largest muscle in the body is Gluteus Maximus - the muscle you sit on!
The Human Muscular System Back
1. Occipitalis
2. Semispinalis Capitis
3. Splenius Capitis
4. Sternocleidomastoid
5. Trapezius
6. Deltiod
7. Teres Minor
8. Teres Major
9. Triceps Brachii
10. Latissimus Dorsi
11. Brachioradialis
12. Extensor Carpi Radialis Longus
13. Anconeus
14. Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis
15. Extensor Digitorum
16. Flexor Carpi Ulnaris
17 Extensor Carpi Ulnaris
18. Erector Spinae
19. Internal & External Oblique
20. Gluteus Medius & Gluteus Minimus (underneath Gluteus Medius)
21. Gluteus Maximus
22. Vastus Lateralis
23. Gracilis
24. Adductor Magnus
25. Biceps Femoris
26. Semitendinosus
27. Semimembranosus
28. Gastocnemius
29. Soleus
30. Peroneus Longus
31. Flexor Digitorum Longus
32. Extensor Digitorum Longus

The Human Muscular System Front

1. Galea Aponeurotica
2. Epicranius
3. Orbicularis Oculi
4. Nasalis
5. Levator Labii Superioris
6. Zygomaticus major & minor
7. Orbicularis Oris
8. Risorius
9. Depressor Anguli Oris
10. Depressor Labii Inferioris
11. Mentalis
12. Omohyoid
13. Sternohyoid
14. Sternal Head of Sternocleidomastoid
15. Scalene
16. Trapezius
17. Deltoid
18. Pectoralis Major
19. Serratus Anterior
20. Rectus Abdominis
21. External Abdominal Oblique
22. Biceps Brachii
23. Brachialis
24. Pronator Teres
25. Brachioradialis
26. Flexor Carpi Radialis
27. Extensor Carpi Radialis
28. Tensor Fasciae Latae
29. Iliopsoas
30. Pectineus
31. Sartorius
32. Adductor Longus
33. Gracilis
34. Rectus Femoris
35. Vastus Intermedius
36. Vastus Lateralis
37. Vastus Medialis
38. Gastrocnemius
39. Peroneus Longus
40. Tibialis Anterior
41. Soleus
42. Peroneus Brevis
43. Extensor Digitorum Longus